K Pour Karite products for women.

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Gentle Shampoo - 200g
A complex of Shea Butter and Ginger active ingredients, enriched with essential oils of citrus, rosemary, sandalwood and patchouli. This is the ideal ally of dry, brittle or life less hair. A gentle formula for a daily use, alone or after the nectar. ..
Natural Tanning Water
Using Caramel and Aloe Vera the Natural Tanning Water gives your skin a subtle, instant, natural tan...
Repairing Conditioner - 200g
Thanks to its Shea Butter and Ginger formula, enriched with essential oils, dry and brittle hair is rehydrated and repaired. Vitality and life are put back in to the hair and it is possible to enrich the conditioner with a few drops of nectar...
Nectar - 50ml
48,8% Shea Butter: A true concentrate of Shea Butter, this product is ideal for dry and dehydrated hair. Formulated for all dry hair types, especially for very thick and frizzy hair; it also gives softness and shine...
Fixing Spray - 150ml
This spray has been enhanced with a delicate citrus scent. It fixes and styles without leaving the hair feeling heavy. The strong hold spray does not make the hair feel damp but still preserves the hairstyle. Ideal for natural-looking hair styles and it is suitable for all types of hair...
Hair Styling Cream - 100g
An innovative texture for women who don’t use any fixing gel and styling wax. Perfect for modern natural hairstyles. Non-greasy, it is easy and fast to use and is suitable for all hair types, irrespective of length...